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Greatness Conversation

The fact is, no organization has ever become great without exceptional leadership—without leaders who can connect the efforts of their teams to the critical objectives of the organization, who can tap the full potential of each individual on their teams, who can align systems and clarify purposes, and who can inspire trust.

Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results is FranklinCovey's flagship leadership development program. It takes a "mind-set, skill-set, tool-set" approach to developing leaders who can unleash the talent and capability of their teams against the organization's highest priorities.

Greatness Tool

The intent of this tool is to outline a centerline approach to what FranklinCovey does and why—our value proposition. Our value proposition describes how we intend to fulfill our mission to enable greatness in people and organizations everywhere. This conversation tool could be used with Greatness Challenge Brochure. The Greatness Map conversation is appropriate with new clients, when introducing additional solutions to existing clients, and at public events to set a broad context for FranklinCovey’s approach to greatness previous to focusing on a specific solution. Below the script for centerline are some variations a Client Partner may incorporate as the situation dictates.

FranklinCovey Prinviples

To learn more about this tool, download an overview PDF document of it here.


5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity workshop

"The benefit of the training is to learn how an employee plan their weekly and daily activities ahead, by scheduling the big rocks through prioritising e.g. higher importance, worthy of specific attention and also to be able to be an extraordinary employee every day. Additional benefits of the training were to learn how to use the time matrix by understanding the 5 choices to extraordinary. Employees need to ‘Go for the extraordinary at all times’ (Q2) where planning, proactive work, high-impact goals, creating thinking, relationship building, learning and renewal takes place.
After attending this invaluable training, I strongly recommend it to be given to all staff members of the GIPF across the board. This will enable all staff members to work well together as a team and go for the extraordinary at all times, under (Q2) and this will enhance extraordinary in productivity and satisfy our clients.”
Mr Eneas Nghipondoka: Data Administrator at GIPF


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