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Our Sales Performance Practice helps sales leaders transform their sales process to a more consultative sales approach. Everything we do is founded on the timeless principle that the more you focus on the success of your clients, the more successful you will be.

Our solutions are based on our award-winning Helping Clients Succeed methodology which incorporates vital person-to-person communication skills with critical thinking skills and a laser-focus on execution. Our processes and tools enable sales professionals to truly connect with their customers and build relationships of trust by seeking first to understand their needs and then working together to create win-win outcomes. What’s more—our solutions are measurable, reliable, and sustainable.

Many organizations engage with us to improve their leadership and consultative sales skills, while others engage with us for coaching on specific deals. We have worked with organizations to improve their planning, strategy, processes and pipeline management. We offer a wide range of customization options to fit any need and budget.

We help sales leaders and learning and development professionals evolve sales teams personally and professionally to enhance performance, achieve sustainable results and gain the ultimate competitive advantage.


Plan Your Journey

The key to creating a winning sales strategy is to start with a clear, well thought-out plan. Solid planning skills help keep priorities and actions clear and always on target.

For more than a decade, FranklinCovey has worked closely with many organizations to help align their organization for success through rigorous planning. If you sense you could use some help with any of the following, allow us to help you:

  • Align your sales initiatives to your key strategies.
  • Identify behaviors, key beliefs or paradigms that need to change or be adopted.
  • Align your systems to promote how you want your people to think, speak and act in order to drive sales growth.
  • Integrate your sales process into other processes such as delivery, technical and customer support.
  • Integrate your sales transformation into your information systems.
  • Identify personnel, organizational and decision-making changes needed to support the desired actions and behaviors.

Engage Your Leaders

When it comes to building a winning sales culture, leaders are the fulcrum of change. Every sales leader who makes a significant jump in performance does so by helping multiple salespeople be more successful at their jobs. Helping sales leaders raise the bar on their performance — from wherever that bar is today — is a key to driving measurable growth in profitable revenue.

Many organizations engage with us to help their leaders:

  • Identify what behaviors and skills they need to develop in order to be a more effective sales leader
  • Practice, apply, and model improved consultative selling skills (beyond their current skill set)
  • Understand and apply the science of expert performance — replacing mystery with mastery
  • Practice and apply key time management skills
  • Develop coaching skills using the G.R.O.W. coaching methodology
  • Create and implement a personalized plan for creating a high-performance sales culture in their team

Allow FranklinCovey to help your sales leaders accelerate the performance of the entire sales team.

Train Your Teams

While sales training alone may not lead to sustained behavior change, it is a key element to any sales transformation initiative.

FranklinCovey can work with you to assemble and custom-design the best content for your selling situation—whether that includes your own homegrown training content, content from other training companies, or FranklinCovey’s award-winning training: Helping Clients Succeed. We approach sales training with a content-inclusive approach.

We offer a range of best-in-class training options to meet your needs and budget: from turnkey do-it-yourself training, to online, self-paced training, to instructor-led training. Whatever your sales training needs and capabilities, we can help.

Execute Your Sales Strategy

We understand how busy you and your sales teams are, so we have created a simple, expert-designed playbook system to help you and your team execute your sales transformation initiative. We can help your sales professionals move from learning to doing, and focus on sustaining behavior changes over time.

Measure Your Results

Measurement is a critical success factor in any sales transformation effort. Why invest in sales training unless you can validate that it’s working?

At FranklinCovey we focus on sustained execution, diligent measurement and frequent reporting. We measure the results of all aspects of the sales transformation program using a proven methodology based on the ROI Institute model. The methodology provides a systematic approach, with five levels of assessment to ensure credible, reliable results.

  1. Relevance
  2. Learning and Confidence
  3. Application and Implementation
  4. Business Impact
  5. Return on Investment

We can work with you to identify your key metrics and track progress on your goals by collecting and analyzing data, then fine-tuning and adjusting actions to achieved desired results.

About Us

Franklin Covey Co. (NYSE: FC) is a global, public company specializing in performance improvement. We help organizations and individuals achieve results that require a change in human behavior. Our expertise is in seven areas: leadership, execution, productivity, trust, sales performance, customer loyalty and education. Franklin Covey clients have included 90 percent of the Fortune 100, more than 75 percent of the Fortune 500, thousands of small and mid-sized businesses, as well as numerous government entities and educational institutions.

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